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Owner/Director Tom Edgar is an award winning Stop Motion Animation Director with nearly 30 years experience animating and directing for TV and Film.

Barneyloon Films Ltd offers a wraparound tabletop solution to small film projects but can expand to your needs whenever necessary, whatever your requirements.

We can take your concept from Ideation to Broadcast and have a vast knowledge base available at our fingertips to help you to cohere your solutions

We have a solid range of software, camera equipment and lighting available in house with expert knowledge in model making and puppet creation.

My Work


I have been animating since my college years with my first job creating pop videos for the band Elastica and have since worked professionally with most major UK production companies and film studios, on Commercials, TV Series and Motion Pictures. I’ve animated for Kids shows such as The Wombles, Fireman Sam, Postman Pat and the Koala Bros. I’ve been directed by Wes Anderson, Tim Burton, Noah Harris and Dougal Wilson. I’ve been involved with clients such as Disney, John Lewis, RAC, Samsung, Curry’s and Money Supermarket.


As a director I have helmed three multi -award winning children’s series, Hana’s Helpline, Rastamouse and Wussywat, bringing over 100 hours of content to the international screen. I’ve set up two animation studios from the ground up and helped some of my recruits journey across the globe to take up positions at the top of their professions. I have directed for CBeebies, the NHS, PHS Group, Cardiff University, S4C and Creditsafe. I am a voting member of Bafta and Directors UK and national juror for the Celtic Media Awards.


As a senior academic in animation at Cardiff Metropolitan University, along with my teaching, I am involved in pushing the narrative in animation through developing emergent technologies within the creative arena, whether in Virtual Reality, Spacial Performance or with 3D printing. I am currently presenting my research findings at conferences across the globe and searching out international research partners in a variety of fields and subjects. I intend to have the first images of my research available by the end of the year

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